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The so called Nonni´s House, which the author and the Jesuit priest Jón Sveinsson, Nonni, lived in during his childhood in Akureyri in northern Iceland, has been carefully remodelled into a memorial museum.

Nonni's House, which was built in 1850, is one of the oldest houses in Akureyri. It has been preserved as an example of a typical 19th century Icelandic town home.

Nonni wrote 12 children's books about his childhood in Iceland. He wrote in German but his books have been translated into more than 40 languages, including Chinese and Esperanto. From the age of 12 Nonni lived and worked in Germany, France, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Nonni's House was given in the year 2008 to the Akureyri municipality by the Zonta Club of Akureyri, who had owned and kept it since 1957. The museum is dedicated to the writer and Jesuit priest Jón Sveinsson "Nonni".



In Nonni's House visitors can watch the only known moving pictures of Nonni, taken in Valkenburg in the Netherlands in 1942.


This is a cozy museum where you will get a warm welcome.


Nonni´s House is open for visitors in the summer and by request during wintertime.






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